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Attendance and Participation at DRE Kickoff Meetings to ensure the association is set up properly from the start. We include this as part of our full service management for any contracted community.

Review of Development Plans for efficiency of design and maintenance economies. This includes building and landscape plans for high rise condos to large master planned communities.

Training and Orientation Programs for Sales and Marketing, Customer Service Staff and Project Managers, Homeowners, Board Members and Committee Members are offered to describe the nuances of community living and how it can be presented as an asset to your potential homebuyers or to the actual homeowners themselves.

Preparation and Review of Department of Real Estate Budgets to ensure the community is funded appropriately and accurately.

Consulting for Future Communities can be provided to you at the early stages of development. Our years of experience and diverse portfolio of communities allows us to provide key insight not only on the formulation of the governing documents, but the overall layout of the community’s landscape, hardscape and common area facilities.


Community Handbooks and Reference Manuals can be produced and distributed through escrow to ease the homeowner into the community, fostering a better understanding of the role of the community, manager and homebuilder.

Production and Maintenance of Websites and Extranets for your Community can be created and provide the governing documents, minutes and other vital information about the community to the homeowners.

Move in Coordination can be provided for your homebuyers to ensure a smooth move in process. We can provide on and off site services depending on the level of your needs. We will work directly with your sales and marketing team to allow you the most flexibility of closing units.

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